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Commercial Surety Bonds


Commercial bonds are often required in order to conduct business. Businesses or professionals commonly need commercial bonds to fulfill state licensing and permit mandates, ensuring customer protection and demonstrating business integrity and reliability. 

License and Permit Bond

A license and permit bond, a type of commercial surety bond, is mandated by government authorities to ensure businesses adhere to regulations and fulfill their duties. This bond protects consumers financially and assures ethical and lawful business operations.

Auctioneers Bond

Ensures compliance with auction regulations. An auctioneer bond guarantees that auctioneers conduct auctions legally, providing financial protection for buyers and sellers.

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bond

Required for alcohol and tobacco sales. Businesses that sell alcohol and tobacco need this bond to ensure compliance with industry regulations, keeping both their business and customers safe.

Financial Guarantees

Assures contractual agreements or financial transactions. A financial guarantee bond ensures parties involved in the agreement fulfill their financial obligations as promised, thereby reducing the risk of financial loss for the other party. 

Agricultural Dealer Bond

Ensures compliance with agricultural laws. An agricultural dealer bond guarantees that dealers properly handle transactions with producers and other licensed dealers, providing financial protection to stakeholders involved in agricultural trade.

Code Compliance Bond

Ensures businesses follow licensing rules. This bond guarantees that businesses comply with local, state, and federal regulations. By securing a code compliance bond, businesses demonstrate their commitment to operating legally and ethically and provide reassurance to authorities and customers alike.

​​FRO (Financially Responsible Officer) Bond

A FRO Bond ensures that individuals taking on financial roles in the construction business handle company finances responsibly and honestly. It acts like a safety net for businesses, protecting them from financial risks linked to the duties of appointed officers.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

A motor vehicle dealer bond, also known as an auto dealer bond, is required for individuals or businesses that sell vehicles. Individuals licensed to sell pre-owned vehicles need an “Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond,” while those licensed to sell new vehicles need a “Franchise Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond.”

Title Agency Bond

Essential for companies involved in real estate transactions, a title agency bond protects clients and stakeholders against financial losses resulting from title agency malpractice or fraud.

BMC 84 Freight Broker Bond

Freight brokers or freight forwarders seeking licensing from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) need either a BMC-84 surety bond or a BMC-85 trust fund. A BMC-84 bond protects payments due to motor carriers without any upfront collateral, while the BMC-85 requires upfront collateral and is managed by a trust fund company.

Utility Guarantee Bond

A utility guarantee bond is essential for utility providers to ensure that utility services, such as electricity, water, and gas, remain uninterrupted for consumers. It offers assurance that services will continue without disruption, even during unexpected events, giving both providers and customers peace of mind.

Travel Agency Bond

A travel agency bond, also known as a seller of travel bond, is required for individuals or entities selling travel services. It protects travelers and travel companies from fraud, misrepresentation, or financial instability, ensuring financial compensation for affected parties and fostering trust in the travel industry.