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Customs Surety Bonds

Customs bonds are keyed to specific types of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) transactions, the bond conditions vary with the type of activity being secured by a bond.

Bonds are required for almost all formal CBP entries, and may be required for some informal entries and Temporary Importation under Bond entries. There are also bonds covering the activities of CBP warehouse proprietors, carriers, cartage operators, masters of vessels, drawback filers, etc.

Single Transaction Bonds (STB) may be used to secure a one-time importation, Continuous Bonds (CB) cover multiple transactions.

STB's are generally for the value of the merchandise plus duties, taxes and fees.

CB's are usually 10% of the duties, taxes and fees paid by the importer during the previous 12 months, and are valid until it is canceled either by the importer or the surety.

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