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Type of Surety Bonds

  • Court Bonds

    Rates: 1% - 5%
    These bonds are used in court situations. Administrator for an estate, Probate, TRO, or Injuction bonds are a few in this category.

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  • License & Permit Bonds

    Rates:1% - 10%
    This is the largest group of bonds. Mostly, they are used for occupational licensing and a variety of other situations.

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  • Contract Bonds

    Rates: .05% - 5%
    This group of bonds are for contractors. This group includes bid, performance, payment, local compliance and the like.

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  • Tax & Labor Bonds

    Rates: Varies
    This group of bonds can be either Federal or State level requirments. They are common enough to warrant their own category.

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  • Title Bonds

    Rates: $15 - $20 per 1k
    This is a popular bond required when registering a vehcile, vessel, or other machine at a motor vehicle department. The bond requirments are usually 1.5 to 2 times the value.

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  • Fidelity Bonds

    Rates: Varies
    This group of bonds are used in a variety of situations. You can use these to protect clients or you can use them for employee benefit programs such as ERISA.

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